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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Helpful hints for providing supporting documentation for extended access applications (for planning pregnancy in type 1 diabetes)

Women with type 1 diabetes actively planning pregnancy are eligible for access to CGM and Flash GM products through the CGM Initiative as part of the NDSS, for a period up to 12 months (initial period of 6 months with a subsequent period of an additional 6 months on confirmation—by an authorised health professional—that pre-pregnancy care is continuing).

After an initial 12 months eligibility—supporting documentation is required for an extension of access

Sometimes pregnancy planning may need to continue after the initial 12 months. Applications for extensions require documented evidence of need from both a diabetes and a pregnancy health professional. This should confirm ongoing active pregnancy planning.

Women are advised by the NDSS eight weeks before the end of the initial 12-month period that access to CGM and Flash GM products is coming to an end. The woman should see their diabetes and pregnancy health professionals as soon as possible if active pregnancy planning is continuing.

The application for an extension of access to CGM and Flash GM products after the initial 12 months requires supporting documentation (on letterhead):

  • from both a diabetes health professional (authorised to certify CGM Initiative applications) and a fertility specialist, obstetrician / gynaecologist, confirming active pregnancy planning is continuing;
  • with the applicant’s first name, last name and date of birth;
  • with the date of referral or initial attendance to fertility specialist services;
  • including confirmation of ongoing fertility assessment or management.

Applications for an extension of access to CGM and Flash GM products for a further six-month period, are considered on a case-by-case basis. At the end of this six-month period, one further six-month extension may be granted subject to the same documentation being provided. 

Why do you need to provide the supporting documentation?

The evidence that you provide to demonstrate the applicant is continuing pre-pregnancy care will be assessed by an expert panel. It is the only information they have, they do not know the applicant like you do. The information you provide will help them assess applications for extensions equitably.

If you provide all relevant clinical information required in the supporting documentation, this will reduce the time it takes for the panel to make a recommendation to the Department of Health and increases the possibility of an extension being granted. Delays happen if we need to request additional information from you. The Department of Health makes the final determination of access.

Helpful hints for completing the supporting documentation

Make it clear that you are seeking an extension

  • Make it clear that this is an application for an extension of access to CGM and Flash GM products for ongoing active pregnancy planning.
  • In case we need additional information from you make sure your contact details—including email and phone—are included on the document. This prevents unnecessary delays.

Who is the expert panel?

The expert panel consists of health care professionals who specialise in the care and management of diabetes in pregnancy including endocrinologists and credentialled diabetes educators nominated by the Australian Diabetes Society, the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and the Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society. The Department of Health’s decision is made on a case-by-case basis informed by the expert panel’s recommendation. The Department of Health is the deciding body for all cases.

Lodging an application for an extension

To apply for extended access to CGM and Flash GM products, supporting documentation (on letterhead) detailing the ongoing fertility management from both a diabetes health professional (authorised to certify CGM Initiative applications) and a fertility specialist or obstetrician / gynaecologist, should be:

  • emailed to the NDSS at (preferred option), or
  • posted to GPO Box 9824 in your capital city, or
  • faxed to 1300 536 953.

There is no special application form, you are only required to provide the supporting documentation outlined above on letterhead.

What’s next

The NDSS may contact the person’s authorising health professional for additional information. However, only information that is provided can be considered in the process and it is the responsibility of the authorising health professional to provide all relevant information to support a request for extended access to CGM and Flash GM products through the NDSS.

Where relevant, the person applying for access will also be notified that their health professional has been contacted for additional information.