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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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How good are you at managing your gestational diabetes?

Try the quick test below to see if you are doing all you can to manage your diabetes.

Print this page and write either YES or NO next to the question.

Quiz questions about managing your gestational diabetes
Questions YES/NO?
Q1. Do you test your blood glucose levels regularly?  
Q2. Do you keep records of your diet, physical activity and blood glucose levels?  
Q3. Are you getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily?  
Q4. Do you try and stick to a healthy eating plan?  
Q5. Do you spread your carbohydrate intake out over the day?  
Q6. Do you limit the amount of fat, especially saturated fat, in your diet?  
Q7. Do you have two portions of protein each day?  
Q8. Have you increased your intake of calcium and iron?  
Q9. Do you try and stay positive about your gestational diabetes?  
Q10. Do you have regular health checks with your obstetrician?  
Q11. Have you joined a support group or talked to other people with gestational diabetes?  
Q12. Are you registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme?  

How are you doing?

To see how are doing, check your answers against the quiz results.