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Leaving home

“Moving out of home is a big step, when you’re doing all the shopping and everything. The first thing I did was buy four huge boxes of Fruit loops.” (Anonymous)

Moving out. Fleeing the nest. The time will come when you want to break free and leave home. When you’re ready to pack up your ninja turtles, move out of your single bed and do your own thing, this section is for you.

It is a huge step, diabetes or no diabetes, and can feel pretty strange initially.

No longer are your parents there to nag you to do your tests, take your medication, eat the right foods and exercise regularly. It’s now up to you to manage your condition and live well with diabetes.

When you throw into the mix the fact that you might be dealing with studying or a new job, shopping and cooking for yourself, dealing with new flatmates and juggling your social life, things can become pretty stressful. That’s when the support of your diabetes team can really help in answering questions and providing advice.

While it’s going to be a big change, remember that other people with diabetes have made the transition too. It may not always be easy, but you can do it.

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