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Note: The information on this page does not apply to a woman who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy in women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes usually results in a normal delivery with no effects on the mother’s or the child’s long-term health. However, poorly controlled blood glucose levels during pregnancy can have long-term effects for both the mother and her baby, as well as complications during delivery.

Your diabetes team will be there to support you, from before you conceive until after the baby is born. Be sure to talk to them first if you are planning on getting pregnant.

Some great sources of information are:

If you did not plan your pregnancy, make sure you see your doctor as soon as you can, because you may need to make changes to your diet and possibly your insulin levels. There are also other people out there who can help you if you did not plan your pregnancy. Having your diabetes under control is vital before and after your pregnancy—both for your health and the health of your unborn baby.

More information about diabetes and pregnancy is available: