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Type 1 diabetes: aged 21 years and older with valid concessional status

People with type 1 diabetes age 21 years and older who have valid concessional status

To be eligible to access subsidised CGM and Flash GM products through the NDSS:

  • the person is expected to benefit clinically from the use of CGM or Flash GM; and
  • the person or family/carer has the willingness and capability to use CGM or Flash GM; and
  • the person or family/carer has the commitment to actively participate in a diabetes management plan which incorporates CGM or Flash GM.

In addition, the person must be 21 years or older, have a valid concessional status as listed below.

Concessional status

The required concessional status for this eligibility group is consistent with existing NDSS concessional arrangements but excludes the Safety Net Concession Card (SNCC) and the Safety Net Entitlement Card (SNEC) categories. People with the following valid concessional types will be eligible for the initiative (if they also meet the other eligibility criteria):

Concession types

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (as issued by DHS* or DVA**)
  • Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card (as issued by DHS or DVA)
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card (as issued by DHS or DVA)
  • DVA Gold Card
  • DVA White Card
  • Identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person

*DHS Department of Human Services
**DVA Department of Veterans’ Affairs

For more information read the Frequently asked questions: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Initiative.

Find the Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitoring Access form for type 1 diabetes; age 21 years and over; eligible concessional status here.