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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Diabetes management in community pharmacy: continuous glucose monitoring


The Australian Government is now providing access to fully-subsidised continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products through the NDSS to eligible children and young people living with type 1 diabetes. NDSS Access Points and pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring these children and young people have access to the CGM products they need to manage their diabetes.

To assist pharmacists in the provision of CGM products, Diabetes Australia, through the NDSS, has partnered with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s, Guild Learning and Development to launch the online course, Diabetes Management in Community Pharmacy: Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

The course examines the principles of CGM and discusses the role and professional responsibilities of pharmacists involved in the provision of CGM. To enrol in the course, pharmacists can visit

If you would like to find out more about the course, you can contact Guild Learning and Development on 03 9810 9930 or email

To find out more about access to CGM through the NDSS, you can call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 or email