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How to return recalled Medtronic MiniMed infusion sets—information for pharmacists and health professionals


Following the recent urgent recall of the Medtronic infusion sets, Medtronic has updated the instructions for pharmacists and healthcare professionals about how to have the recalled infusion sets replaced.

This recall was initiated following recent reports of the potential over-delivery of insulin shortly after an infusion set change. You can find more information about the recalled Medtronic infusion sets here.

To receive replacements for recalled infusion sets in, you can visit and follow the instructions on the website.

The site can be used by all pump users, pharmacies and healthcare professionals. The website will prompt you to enter the REF and LOT numbers for the infusion sets. You will then be told which of the infusion sets are included in the recall, and which are not.

When submitting your request for replacement infusion sets you will be asked to complete the Pump Serial Number field.

For pharmacists submitting requests for replacement infusion sets, select ‘PHM’ for the Pump Serial Number field. If you have previously checked lots and now want to order replacements, please make sure you clear your cache on your web browser before completing the online form.

Healthcare professionals will need to select ‘HCP’ in this field.

To ensure that your replacement request is processed, make sure you select the SUBMIT button once your form is complete.

Once the online form is submitted, replacement box/es of infusion sets will be sent by Medtronic directly to your nominated delivery address, free of charge. Please cut-out and retain the barcodes on your recalled infusion set boxes. These should be placed in the reply-paid envelope that will be included in the delivery of the replacement infusion sets. Send this envelope back to Medtronic but do not return the recalled infusion sets. You can dispose of your recalled infusion sets once you have returned the barcode to Medtronic.

Please do not use or return any of the recalled infusion sets.

If you have further questions regarding this recall please call Medtronic on their Global Helpline, 1800 777 808 and select option 1.