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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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IMPORTANT: Temporary shortages in some NDSS product lines


There has been a short delay in integrating NDSS Connect and wholesalers’ systems to implement the new NDSS product supply and delivery arrangements. This means that products are being delivered to pharmacies by state/ territory NDSS Agents temporarily until the systems are fully integrated.

The recent changes to the National Diabetes Services Scheme seem to have resulted in some people stocking up on supplies before the changeover, temporarily increasing demand for supplies. Combined with short-delivery of some product lines last week, this has created some temporary product shortages.

Orders for additional products have been placed with product suppliers and we expect products to start arriving in our warehouses on Thursday 14 July. Pharmacies will start to receive outstanding product orders on Friday 15 July through to early next week.

If your pharmacy requires an urgent supply of IPCs or other NDSS products please contact your local NDSS Agent on 1800 637 700 during business hours Monday to Friday, or email and we will try to resolve any problems or arrange delivery as quickly as possible.

List of NDSS products