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Diabetes at school and early childhood settings

For people working in schools and early childhood settings

People who work in schools or early childhood settings play a really important role in caring for young people with type 1 diabetes. This program covers everything you need to know to help a young person with type 1 diabetes where you work.

The program covers the following themes:

  • what is type 1 diabetes?
  • managing of high and low glucose levels
  • a practical workshop on blood glucose monitoring
  • insulin (does not include training on injections or pumps)
  • camps
  • nutrition
  • effects of physical activity
  • working with the Diabetes School Action and Management plans.

Note: This program does not include training on insulin injections or pumps.

To know more…

Check out your local diabetes organisation for programs that are available in your area, availability and bookings, or call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 to know more.