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For people with type 1 diabetes

If you’re looking for effective coaching on how to live well with type 1 diabetes, the OzDAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) program will teach you what you need to know. The program runs in small groups and involves sharing and comparing experiences with other adults.

Research shows that people who complete an OzDAFNE program:

  • have fewer severe hypos
  • lower their HbA1c (if it is above target)
  • have less diabetes-related distress
  • are less likely to be admitted to hospital with serious complications from being sick (diabetic ketoacidosis).

Counting carbs, adjusting insulin doses, and tips on how to exercise and manage hypoglycaemia (hypos) and illnesses—you’ll learn all this and more during this five-day group program. The aim of this program is to put you in the driver’s seat to take control and live well with type 1 diabetes.

To know more…

Check out your local diabetes organisation for programs that are available in your area, availability and bookings, or call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 to know more.