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Diabetes management in aged care

This booklet aims to increase knowledge and understanding of diabetes in older people. It’s is aimed at staff who support those living with diabetes in residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

Fast facts have been written for care staff. The information in this resource has been drawn from the fast facts sections at the start of each chapter in Diabetes management in aged care: a practical handbook. For more information on any of the fast facts topics, see the handbook.

Quality review tool

This is a useful tool for managers in aged care facilities to assess the quality of the management and care of residents diagnosed with diabetes in their facility. This tool was developed to accompany the Diabetes management in aged care: a practical handbook.

Resident sick day plan

Every aged care resident with diabetes should have a documented sick day management plan. This template can be adapted to need.

Six minute intensive training (SMITs) resources

Designed for use in aged care settings, these A3 posters are on a range of relevant diabetes-related topics. These are designed to provide key information which can be delivered to staff in six minutes and enable key information to be reinforced in a busy environment. They can be utilised in a variety of settings including at handover, team meetings or as a quick refresher.

McKellar guidelines

McKellar guidelines for managing older people with diabetes in residential and other care settings provides detailed information regarding diabetes management in the aged care sector. The guidelines are available on the Australian Disease Management Association website at