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Transition from child to adult health care

What does transition in health care mean?

Transition is the transfer from paediatric (child) to adult health care. It can happen anytime between the ages of 12 and 20, and sometimes as late as in your 20s.

Transition can take years—it depends on your individual circumstances and who your health care providers are.

Why is it important?

Successful transition is very important for the long-term health and happiness of young adults living with a chronic condition. The transition of diabetes care usually happens at the same time as many other developmental and lifestyle changes. It should be seen as just one of many life transitions that a young adult makes—like moving out of home or moving from school to Uni or TAFE.

Sometimes young adults don’t like where they have been transferred to—or feel that they don’t receive enough support during the transition process. As a result, they drop out of the healthcare system—only to return with serious and often avoidable diabetes-related complications. Staying connected to a health care team is the key to reducing the risk of long-term diabetes-related complications.

Are you transitioning from child to adult health care?

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