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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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For health professionals

Our role is to support health professionals to:

  • navigate diabetes health care requirements
  • help people to manage their diabetes through access to information, support services and subsidised products.

Access the NDSS Health Professional Portal

The NDSS Health Professional Portal enables authorised health professionals to register and process NDSS patient forms online in near real time, with the patient’s NDSS registration number automatically issued to the patient via text within minutes.

Access the NDSS Health Professional Portal.

How the NDSS supports you and people with diabetes

  • Register—people with diabetes with the NDSS
  • Changes to the NDSS—understand important changes to the NDSS
  • Data and statistics—access key statistics for all types of diabetes
  • Find a service—search for services and health professionals who can assist in the management of diabetes
  • Forms—for the registration of people with diabetes and continued management of diabetes with the NDSS
  • News—stay up to date with information on product alerts and changes
  • Online learning for health professionals—register for training modules on relevant health topics
  • Research—if you’re interested in conducting research into diabetes using NDSS data
  • Resources—to support health professionals and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of diabetes
  • Support services—to support health professionals
  • Translated resources—do you need information in another language? We have information available in languages other than English.

Changes to the NDSS

Understand important notices on changes to NDSS products and services. These changes may affect you and people with diabetes.

Support services

There is a range of support services available for health professionals. Our aim is to support you in your key role as a provider of information, education, motivation and support.

Online learning

Our online learning programs help you to increase your professional knowledge and understanding of diabetes.

Data and statistics

We update national diabetes data snapshots every three months. We also provide key statistics for all types of diabetes—type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and insulin therapy.

Download and read the latest diabetes statistics.