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For health professionals

Our role is to support health professionals to:

  • navigate diabetes health care requirements
  • help people to manage their diabetes through access to information, support services and subsidised products.

How the NDSS supports you and people with diabetes

Why register with the NDSS?

The NDSS delivers information, support services as well as subsidised products across Australia to all eligible people with diabetes, including women diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

This video explains the benefits of registering with the NDSS.

How to help people register with the NDSS

It’s crucial that people with diabetes register with the NDSS so they can access information, support services and subsidised products.

Follow this link to help people with diabetes register with the NDSS.

After a person has been registered with the NDSS, they will receive a registration card and an information book. The information book is designed to provide general information about the NDSS, services, products and understanding diabetes. The registration card will be required when purchasing products or accessing services.

The NDSS provides products at subsidised prices to people who register for the Scheme, including blood and urine testing strips, and for eligible registrants, syringes, pen needles and insulin pump consumables. Products can be purchased over the counter at NDSS Access Points around Australia.

We provide a range of support services to help people manage and understand their diabetes. These include:

  • the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 for advice on diabetes management
  • information on diabetes product use
  • a range of support programs to help people learn more about managing their diabetes including healthy eating, physical activity and group and peer support services
  • printed and online resources on a variety of subjects and for key audiences, such as older people, women with diabetes and pregnancy planning, translated resources and youth diabetes management.

Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes

We ask women diagnosed with gestational diabetes for their family doctor details (not their obstetrician or endocrinologist).

Doing this ensures you will know that they had gestational diabetes, and we can involve you in reminder letters about testing them for type 2 diabetes in the future.

Changes to the NDSS

Understand important notices on changes to NDSS products and services. These changes may affect you and people with diabetes.

Support services

There is a range of support services available for health professionals. Our aim is to support you in your key role as a provider of information, education, motivation and support.

Online learning

Our online learning programs help you to increase your professional knowledge and understanding of diabetes.

Register to be included in the Online Services Directory

This service is free to both health professionals and people with diabetes and will help promote the services of your professional organisation.

People registered with the NDSS can access the contact details of a range of health professionals who can best support them with their diabetes management.

Visit the Online Services Directory.

Register to be part of this directory.

Data and statistics

We update national diabetes data snapshots every three months. We also provide key statistics for all types of diabetes—type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and insulin therapy.

Download and read the latest diabetes statistics.