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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Information Prescriptions

What are Information Prescriptions?

Information Prescriptions are a personalised single A4-sized page which include easy-to-read explanations, clear images and individual goals to help prevent diabetes health-related complications. They are designed to give people living with diabetes the information that they need to understand, engage with and improve on their health targets.

General practitioners and other health care professionals can use Information Prescriptions to assist in their clinical practice and increase engagement of people living with diabetes in their self-care.

The NDSS has adapted the Diabetes UK Information Prescriptions for Australian use.

Types of Information Prescriptions

There are ten diabetes Information Prescriptions. These cover key health markers that influence someone’s risk of diabetes-related complications as well as additional information for clinicians and people with diabetes.

Why Information Prescriptions matter

Information Prescriptions have many different benefits, both for health professionals and people living with diabetes.

Individual support—a personalised document that is short and easy to read.
National reach—they are available through the NDSS or your medical software, via Healthshare.
Fight against health complications—clinically accurate information to support people with diabetes reduce the risks of serious diabetes-related complications
Opportunity to transform care—designed to support care planning and behaviour change enabling self-care

Greg Johnson, CEO Diabetes Australia, talks about diabetes Information Prescriptions

Information Prescriptions: an overview for health professionals

This resource gives health professionals an overview of the Information Prescriptions and how to use them as a key to unlocking behaviour change.

How to use the Information Prescriptions

Download the Information Prescriptions flyer. It includes information on how to use the Information Prescriptions.
How to use the Information Prescriptions. Record the test results. Discuss the activities for improving and supporting health outcomes. Identify two health activities or goals to work towards.