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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Support services for health professionals

Health professionals play a key role as providers of information, education, motivation and support.

The NDSS provides training for all the people who care for or support people with diabetes. People who can access this training include:

  • health professionals or support staff
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
  • bilingual community educators
  • teachers supporting children in school and pre-school
  • disability or aged care workers
  • NDSS Access Point (pharmacy) staff.

How can I access NDSS support programs?

Find and register for an upcoming NDSS support program event. You can also call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 or contact your local diabetes organisation (NDSS Agent).

Online learning

We have a range of online learning programs to help health professionals enhance their knowledge and understanding of diabetes.


We’ve put together a range of resources to help you to assist people with diabetes to manage their diabetes and live well. These include training modules, general information about the NDSS and diabetes product information.