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Resources to support health professionals

Health professionals play an important role for people with diabetes, as they are a critical source of medical advice, information and support.

The following resources have been developed to support you. A range of resources for people with diabetes can be found here. Do you need information in another language? We have information available in languages other than English.

Assisting people with diabetes to access professional psychological support

Information for health professionals about assisting people with diabetes to access professional psychological support.

Continuous and flash glucose monitoring

Information for health professionals about access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and flash glucose monitoring (Flash GM) products through the CGM Initiative as part of the NDSS.

Diabetes management in aged care

Information for people working in aged care.

Diabetes and emotional health

The aim of this handbook and toolkit is to promote the awareness of, and communication about, emotional problems that adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may experience.

Emergency guide for local councils, emergency services and the not-for-profit sector

This guide is for organisations and personnel who deal with natural disasters and emergencies during the planning stages such as local disaster-management groups (local council), as well as those who deal with ‘on-the-ground’ situations after a natural disaster has occurred, such as those managing evacuation centres.

Feltman and Feltmum resources

Diabetes Victoria with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation have developed Feltman and Feltmum resources for health professionals that provide Aboriginal families with culturally appropriate, evidence-based information about diabetes.

Find out more about Feltman and Feltmum on the Diabetes Victoria website.

National Diabetes Nursing Education Framework

A competency framework for nurses in diabetes care and education.

Pre-pregnancy planning and care for women with diabetes

These resources are for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes planning and preparing for pregnancy.

This course is for health professionals and provides information on pregnancy planning and preparation for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


Related information

Australia Diabetes Educators Association position statements

The Australia Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) actively promotes evidence-based best practice diabetes education to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for all people affected by, and at risk of, diabetes. The ADEA considers diabetes education a specialty field of health care practice.

To view the ADEA position statements, please visit their website at

Australian Diabetes Society position statements

The Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) is the peak medical and scientific body in Australia for diabetes. The main aim of the ADS is to enhance the welfare of individuals with diabetes mellitus by improving knowledge and understanding, producing management guidelines, training of health professionals and supporting diabetes research.

To view the ADS position statements, please visit their website at