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Your health care team during pregnancy, for women with type 1 diabetes

There are specialised services to support you both when planning a pregnancy and during pregnancy.

All major hospitals with maternity services in Australia can provide information about pregnancy and diabetes, and some also have specialised diabetes in pregnancy services. You may also have the option of seeing a private endocrinologist with expertise in diabetes in pregnancy.

If you live in a rural area or small town, consider travelling to a major centre that has a diabetes in pregnancy service—especially if you have had any complications from diabetes.

It is a good idea to attend pre-pregnancy care at least three to six months before attempting to conceive.

Your diabetes in pregnancy team will be made up of a range of health professionals who can help you plan your pregnancy.

This may include:

  • endocrinologist (diabetes specialist doctor)
  • specialist obstetrician (pregnancy doctor)
  • diabetes educator or diabetes nurse practitioner
  • dietitian
  • general practitioner (GP)
  • midwife
  • psychologist
  • social worker

If needed, you may also be referred to other specialists such as a renal (kidney) physician or an ophthalmologist (eye specialist).

Talk to your GP if you are not sure how to access these health professionals in your area or phone the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 for information about services available in your state or territory.