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Devices and technology

Diabetes technology is not necessary for everyone, it is simply another option in your diabetes management toolkit.

You should see your diabetes health professional and together you will need to decide which is the most suitable product for you. Not all products are suitable for everyone.

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) or flash glucose monitoring (Flash GM) provides more information than blood glucose monitoring with a finger prick check. It can help you keep your glucose levels in a healthy range.

The Australian Government provides access to subsidised CGM and Flash GM products through the NDSS. You need to be registered with the NDSS and meet the eligibility criteria to access CGM and Flash GM products.

Featured resources

Continuous glucose monitoring fact sheet

CGM devices are small wearable monitors that measure and show your glucose levels throughout the day and night. They can be programmed to sound alarms and send alerts about your glucose levels.

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Flash glucose monitoring fact sheet

Flash GM devices are small wearable sensors that measure glucose levels throughout the day and night. A reader is scanned over the sensor to see the current glucose level.

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An insulin pump is a small electronic device that holds a reservoir of insulin. The pump is programmed to infuse insulin through an infusion set and small cannula into the fat layer under the skin. Insulin is delivered at a continuous rate day and night. Extra insulin can be given by the user for food/drinks or to ‘correct’ high blood glucose levels. Insulin pumps are not suitable for everyone. There are advantages and disadvantages of using an insulin pump. If you are considering using one, discuss it with your diabetes health professional.

A blood glucose meter is a device used to check the concentration of glucose in the blood. A standard blood glucose meter will have a lancet to prick your finger, a digital display and a place to insert a blood glucose monitoring strip. Checking your blood glucose levels throughout the day will help you make decisions that keep levels within your target range.

Through the NDSS, you can access subsidised products to help you manage your diabetes, including blood glucose monitoring strips.

How to access a free blood glucose meter

You may be eligible to access a free blood glucose meter if you are registered with the NDSS. Find out which meters are suitable for NDSS-subsidised blood glucose monitoring strips, as well as how to access


Free access to diabetes programs, available anytime

Learn to manage your diabetes confidently with free diabetes programs, available online.

Find a pre-recorded webinar that is suitable for you—available anywhere, anytime. Or register for a scheduled face-to-face or online diabetes program.

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