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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Diabetes organisations (NDSS Agents)

The NDSS provides access to support and information services, education, programs and subsidised products to assist people to self-manage their life with diabetes.

Where can I access NDSS services?

You can access NDSS information, programs and support services through your local diabetes organisation (NDSS Agent) in your state or territory.

Find and register for upcoming NDSS support program events.

Select your state or territory below to find contact details for your local diabetes organisation.

Find your local diabetes organisation

Australian Capital Territory
Diabetes NSW & ACT

New South Wales
Diabetes NSW & ACT

Northern Territory
Healthy Living NT

Diabetes Queensland

South Australia
Diabetes SA

Diabetes Tasmania

Diabetes Victoria

Western Australia
Diabetes WA

What is the difference between the NDSS, and state or territory diabetes organisations (NDSS Agents)?

The NDSS is an Australian Government initiative providing support for people living with diabetes.

Your registration with the NDSS gives you access to subsidised products (such as needles and syringes) and free NDSS information, programs and support services available nationally—including those delivered by NDSS Agents.

Your local diabetes organisation is the NDSS Agent in your state or territory.

In addition to your registration with the NDSS, you may wish to become a member of your state or territory diabetes organisation. You don’t need to become a member to access subsidised products and free programs through the NDSS—but membership with your local organisation can complement your NDSS registration—providing the tools for support on your diabetes journey.

You can join your local diabetes organisation on the website links above.