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Living with diabetes

Diabetes doesn’t define who you are or stop you from getting the most out of life. There is no reason why young people with well-managed diabetes can’t spend their life travelling the world as elite sports people and rock stars, while staying up late, building business empires and enjoying fine dining.

Getting over the initial shock and getting your head around the changes to your lifestyle is challenging and takes time, practice, confidence and patience. Over time, you will get to know your body and learn how to look after and manage your diabetes.

In a recent study of 16–25 year-olds living with diabetes, 91% of the respondents felt that having diabetes hasn’t kept them from doing their normal daily activities.

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Living with diabetes

Have you—or someone you know—been newly diagnosed with diabetes? Living with diabetes isn’t easy, but you shouldn’t need to put your life on hold.

With so many factors to consider, you probably have questions and concerns about how diabetes can fit into your lifestyle.

In this section, you’ll find advice and information on how you can manage your diabetes. This includes information on what to eat, travelling and emergencies to how you to treat hypos and manage medications—we’re here to help.

Your health care team

The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Many people can be part of your health care team to help you live well with diabetes.

Register with the NDSS

Registering with the NDSS gives you access to a range of information, support services and subsidised products to help you manage your diabetes.

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