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Peer support

Peer support is connecting with peers—who are similar to you—living with diabetes.

Peer support can take many forms, including a casual conversation with a peer to a formal, face-to-face, structured group.

Living with diabetes can be overwhelming, exhausting or lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness. Peer support can be a great source of comfort and support and can help you sort through complicated feelings.

Peer support brings people with similar experiences together

Peer support can provide support through your diabetes journey, at key transition points like when diabetes first occurs, when changing medications or starting insulin or at other key life stages. Peer support may become an important tool in your diabetes management toolbox, helping you find “lifehacks” to make living with diabetes easier.  

Peer support should never replace health professional advice. 

Read more about peer support in our fact sheets.

Peer support for diabetes fact sheet

Connecting with other people who have diabetes is an effective means of accessing peer support. Sharing your experiences with others can help you feel less alone.

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Adjusting to life with diabetes fact sheet

A diagnosis of diabetes can come as a shock. First reactions may be disbelief, sadness, anger or self-blame. Usually, these feelings ease after a while and diabetes becomes part of life.

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Free access to diabetes programs

Find and register for upcoming diabetes face-to-face and online programs. You can also call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 or contact your local diabetes organisation (NDSS Agent).

There are lots of ways to access peer support

Find a face-to-face or online peer support groups. Perhaps you would like to read shared stories from people with similar experiences.

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Meet peers at NDSS programs

NDSS programs are a great way to connect with others living with diabetes. These programs help you learn to live well with diabetes.

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