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woman injecting insulin while sitting at desk

Pen needles / syringes

Access to pen needles / syringes is restricted to people who use insulin or a non-insulin injectable medication.

Medication changes

If you start using insulin or an approved non-insulin injectable medication (such as Victoza®), your doctor or diabetes educator should submit a Syringe or Pen Needle Access form or provide a copy of your medication prescription to the NDSS.

To notify the NDSS of changes in your medication:

Send the above information:

  • by email to [email protected] (preferred option), or
  • by the methods described in the form.
form cover

Syringe or Pen Needle Access form

This form allows a person—who is already registered for the NDSS—but hasn’t before used an approved non-insulin injectable diabetes medication, to access syringes or pen needles through the NDSS.

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