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Australian diabetes map

The Australian diabetes map is the only national map monitoring the prevalence of diabetes in Australia[1].

The data contained in the Australian diabetes map is derived from the NDSS Registrant database and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and shows people diagnosed with diabetes who are registered on the NDSS.

The map uses geo-spatial mapping technology to present population data about people in Australia who are diagnosed with diabetes and registered on the NDSS. The map reflects diabetes prevalence rates at the national, federal, state electorate, local government, primary health network, and postcode levels based on NDSS data and ABS 2012-2101 population projections.

It shows the numbers of people diagnosed with diabetes in all parts of Australia with information on age, gender, type of diabetes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status and socio-economic disadvantage.

The Australian diabetes map is a dynamic reference tool for the whole community, our health professionals, policy makers and researchers to help bring about a better understanding of diabetes.

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[1] The Australian Diabetes Map was last updated January 2019.