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Living well with type 1 diabetes – managing diabetes when you are sick

This on-demand webinar gives helpful tips on how to look after type 1 diabetes during times of illness or stress.

Presented by Carolien Koreneff, credentialled diabetes educator.

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After watching this 40-minute webinar, you will:

  • Understand how stress and illness affect hormones and blood glucose levels.
  • Understand how to reduce short-term complications of diabetes when you are not well.
  • Know what a sick day action plan is and when to follow it.
  • Be able to describe the signs of high blood glucose levels and when to get medical help.
  • Know the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis (very high ketone levels).
  • Understand how to adjust your insulin dose when you are ill.
  • Know the importance of immunisations and how to protect yourself from some illnesses.
  • Have answers to often-asked questions about diabetes when you are not well.

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Living well with type 1 diabetes – what to do when you are sick fact sheet

Like everyone, people living with type 1 diabetes get sick with everyday illnesses such as influenza (flu), a cold, gastro, or other common infections. It is important to be prepared and to know what to do.

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Find a sick day action plan

To find a sick day action plan that is right for you, go to the Australian Diabetes Education Association website.

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