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Managing your health

Good habits go a long way toward preventing or delaying the health problems that diabetes can cause. There is a lot you can do to prevent or delay the potential health complications that diabetes can lead to.

You can manage your condition and live well with diabetes. By setting a plan of action for managing your diabetes, you can reduce many of the risks associated with diabetes. A good place to start is knowing what diabetes health checks you should be getting. Members of your diabetes health care team can help you learn about diabetes, and the basics of diabetes care, as well as offer support.

Most people know what they should be doing for better health, but actually doing it is difficult. Setting yourself goals can be helpful. Goals increase motivation, improve health, relationships and general productivity. Talk to your health care team about setting some realistic and achievable goals.

Information about looking after yourself and preventing complications is available for the following topics:

Read more in our fact sheet Diabetes-related complications.

Health insurance

By law, health insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate against people with diabetes or any other chronic illness. While they are able to enforce waiting periods for existing conditions (there are prescribed limits to these) they cannot refuse to insure you because you have diabetes and they cannot charge you higher premiums than someone who doesn’t have diabetes.