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So, how do I feel now about starting insulin?

This booklet has provided the why, who, when, how and what of insulin injection therapy and answered some frequently asked questions. Now it’s time to consider what is important to you.

When you need to make a big decision, it can help to write down the advantages and disadvantages of each option. In the space below write down your pros and cons of starting or not starting insulin. After you’ve written them down, consider which are most important to you.

Activity 3: So, how do I feel now about starting insulin?

How I feel about starting insulin
Start insulin
Pros Cons
e.g. Insulin will help… e.g. I’m worried about…
Don’t start insulin
Pros Cons

Discuss your priorities and any questions or concerns you have about injecting insulin with your health care team.

“I look at it in a positive way… taking insulin keeps my blood glucose down and stops or delays eye, foot and kidney problems later on.”
Dianne, 52 years old

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