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Eating out

Having diabetes doesn’t deprive you of eating out. If you eat out regularly, pay close attention to food choices and serving sizes to manage your weight and diabetes.

Don’t limit your enjoyment by thinking you have to go to a special restaurant or eat special meals, just because you have diabetes. You’ll soon discover that many restaurants serve foods that are suitable for healthy eating. Most of them are more than happy to help if you can’t find something suitable on the menu. Ask restaurant staff about the dish of your choice and the way it’s been cooked and request simple changes if required.

Try to choose meals that:

  • are lower in fat and particularly low in saturated fat
  • contain breads, cereals (preferably wholegrain), vegetables (including legumes) and/or fruits
  • do not have a large amount of added sugar

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Insulin and eating out

When eating out there a few things you need to consider.

  • Your meal may be served later than usual, so to avoid a ‘hypo’, take your insulin with you and take your injection as the meal arrives.
  • Be sure to choose a meal with enough carbohydrate. Ask for extra bread, rice, potato, fruit or fruit juice if you need more.
  • If you are having a bigger meal with more carbohydrate than usual, you may need to increase your insulin dose prior to the meal on that special occasion. Discuss this with your doctor, dietitian or diabetes educator.