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Medication and breastfeeding, for women with type 2 diabetes

Insulin has been proven to be safe to take while breastfeeding. Research shows that metformin may also be taken with minimal effect on the baby. Sulphonylureas do get into breast milk to some degree, so there may be a risk that the baby’s blood glucose level will fall. Of these, glibenclamide and glipizide appear to be the safest. It is recommended to seek specialist advice about the suitability of these medications as they are not usually prescribed during breastfeeding. Other diabetes medications should not be taken while breastfeeding.

Your doctor will review all other medications that you were taking before pregnancy to determine if they are safe to re-start. Cholesterol-lowering medication should not be used during breastfeeding, and only certain blood pressure medications are considered to be safe. Remember to discuss all medications with your doctor.