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For women with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes during pregnancy

There are a number of ways that pregnancy will affect your body and your diabetes. There are also some additional risks associated with pregnancy for women with type 2 diabetes. Looking after yourself and your diabetes can help to reduce these risks.

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Blood glucose monitoring

The importance of blood glucose monitoring and when to test.

Blood glucose targets

Recommended targets during pregnancy.


Most women with type 2 diabetes will need insulin at some stage during their pregnancy.

Sick days

Managing sick days when you are pregnant and where to go for more information.

Morning sickness

How to manage morning sickness when you have diabetes.


Hypoglycaemia signs, symptoms and risks during pregnancy.

High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia

The risks of high blood pressure during pregnancy and signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

Medical checks during pregnancy

A guide to the medical checks you will need throughout your pregnancy.

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