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Postnatal depression, for women with type 2 diabetes

Many women experience changes in their emotions after having a baby. It is common to have the baby blues in the first week after your baby is born.

Postnatal depression occurs when these feelings last more than a week or two and interfere with your ability to function on a daily basis with normal routines including caring for your baby or caring for yourself.

Be aware of the signs of postnatal depression such as loss of enjoyment in your usual day to day activities, low self-esteem and confidence, loss of appetite, panic attacks, a sense of hopelessness or fear for your baby’s wellbeing.

It’s important to talk about these feelings and ask for help, don’t expect that these feelings will just go away – make sure you seek the help you need.

Support services

If you are experiencing any distressing symptoms that are causing you concern after your baby is born or your family or friends have noticed signs of postnatal depression, your doctor, midwife, or child health nurse can provide you with assistance or arrange for you to access psychological support.

If you need to talk to someone immediately contact: