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Food and nutrition resources

Alcohol and type 1 diabetes (youth booklet)

Information booklet about alcohol for young people with type 1 diabetes.

Alcohol fact sheet

When you have diabetes, there are some extra things to consider when you drink alcohol. It can have many different effects on your body.

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Alternative sweeteners fact sheet

Alternative sweeteners are sugar substitutes. They are not necessary for people with diabetes, but some people may still choose these to add sweetness without adding sugar and kilojoules.

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Carbohydrate counting fact sheet

All the carbohydrates, you eat and drink change into glucose within about two hours, which affects your body’s blood glucose level. Understand the effect that carbs have to help you manage your diabetes.

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Carbohydrate counting quick guide

This quick guide is about carbohydrate counting. Carbohydrate counting, or carb counting, is a tool to better manage your diabetes.

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Eating out fact sheet

Eating out and having a take-away meals are enjoyable parts of life. If eating out is a regular part of your life, it is important to try and choose healthy options.

Find a dietitian near you

Call Dietitians Australia on 1800 812 942 or you can find an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) on their website.

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Healthy cooking ideas fact sheet

You can make healthy and nutritious meals suitable for everyone by choosing ingredients and recipes that are high in fibre and low in saturated fat, added sugar and salt (sodium).

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Healthy cooking videos

Watch these videos to find out about building a healthier meal, cooking methods, fats and oils, flavour and carbohydrate, glycemic index and fibre.

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Healthy eating as you age

Healthy eating and food choices for older people living with diabetes.

Healthy food choices fact sheet

Healthy eating, along with regular physical activity, can help you look after your diabetes. It can also help you manage other risk factors like high blood pressure, or unhealthy cholesterol.

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Healthy meal ideas fact sheet

Nutritious meals are important for good health. The right balance of healthy foods can help you manage your diabetes and weight effectively.

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Healthy snacks fact sheet

Snacks can be a part of our daily eating plans. It is important to make healthy choices and to consider the portion size when you snack.

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Hints for healthier cooking quick guide

This quick guide has three steps to help you cook healthier meals that you and your family can enjoy.

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The glycemic index fact sheet

The glycemic index (GI) is one tool that can help you choose which carb foods to eat. The GI ranks how quickly or slowly carb foods affect blood glucose levels.

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The glycemic index quick guide

This is a quick guide to the glycemic index (GI). GI is a tool to help you choose which carbohydrate foods to eat. GI ranks how quickly or slowly carb foods affect blood glucose levels.

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Understanding food labels fact sheet

Understanding food labels can help you to make healthy food choices, which is an important part of managing your diabetes, weight, and overall health.

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