Manage your Registration

Update your Personal Details

It is important that we have an up-to-date record of contact details for people registered on the NDSS.

If you change your address, phone number or medical situation, you should complete a Personal Details Update form and send it to your NDSS Agent. You can also use this form to update your preference to receive information from your NDSS Agent or opportunities to participate in research.

Personal Details Update Form

Replacement NDSS Card

If you need a replacement card, contact your state or territory agent on 1300 136 588 to organise a new one. Alternatively you can use the online request form Address Update or Request Card.

Change in Medication

If the treatment for your diabetes changes, your doctor or credentialled diabetes educator should complete and submit a Change in Medication form. This may be if you are prescribed insulin or a non-insulin injectable medication.

Medication Change Form

Blood Glucose Test Strip Six Month Approval

This form allows access to subsidised blood glucose testing strips for people with type 2 diabetes who are not using insulin, after the initial six month period provided by the NDSS.

As of 1 July 2016, all people with diabetes can access subsidised blood glucose testing strips through the NDSS. No restrictions apply during the initial six month period.

After this initial six month period, if you have type 2 diabetes and do not use insulin, you will be required to present a ‘Blood Glucose Test Strip Six Month Approval’ form, signed by your health professional, to continue to access subsidised blood glucose testing strips through the NDSS for an additional six month period. The form will need to be completed every six months for continued access.

Blood Glucose Test Strip Six Month Approval Form

Insulin Pump Consumables (IPCs)

If you would like to purchase IPCs from the NDSS, you will need to complete an IPC Assessment form to show you meet all relevant criteria including clinical need, education and demonstrated competence. This needs to be signed by an endocrinologist, specialist physician or credentialed diabetes educator.

NDSS Insulin Pump Consumables Assessment Form

NDSS Purchases for the Last Financial Year

You can get a report from your NDSS Agent, which details all of your purchases for the last financial year. This may be used for tax purposes. Please call your agent on 1300 136 588 to request a copy of this report.

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