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Urgent Product Defect Correction: Battery Cap on Medtronic MiniMed™ 600 series and MiniMed™ 700 series insulin pumps


TGA Reference: RC-2022-RN-00725-1

ARTG: 95763, 308140, 332201, 376091


Medtronic Diabetes Signal Detection observed a complaint signal for battery cap cracked/damaged (BA01) for MiniMed 600/700 series pumps. Per the failure analysis of the returns, damaged/broken/loose/missing battery cap contact was observed.

Medtronic are informing customers that Medtronic is working on a new design for the cap which will be available by Q1 2023.

The complete recall notice from TGA can is available here

Please contact Medtronic Technical support on 1800 777 808 for further information and assistance.