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The NDSS is administered by Diabetes Australia
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Our voices, our lives, our choices report and summary available now


The Our voices, our lives, our choices report formed part of the NDSS Youth and Youth Transition Priority Area 2019–2020. It was a consumer-led and co-designed project that aimed to further understand the current experiences of young Australians (18 to 29 years) living with type 1 diabetes. The overall objective was to hear from young Australians regarding their awareness of and interactions with the NDSS, and how the NDSS could better support them.

What we heard from young people:

  • Top topics of interest include ‘New and upcoming treatment & technologies’, and ‘Mental health, burnout, diabetes distress’.
  • The preferred way to connect with other young people is via social media.
  • Young people would like opportunities to connect with diabetes-related mental health support.
  • There’s an opportunity to include young people in the development of campaigns and share more widely on relevant platforms.

Read the summary and full report, including nine key opportunities.