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New registrants

Welcome to the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

You can now access a range of services, programs, resources, and subsidised products to help you manage your diabetes.

Newly registered?

Your NDSS registration card will be sent to you in the mail, along with an information booklet about diabetes and the services and products available through the NDSS.

The NDSS is with you

Living with diabetes can be challenging, we recognise this.

No matter where you live in Australia, your local diabetes organisation can help you with support and advice, and connect you to a health professional.

Now that you’re registered you can enrol in diabetes education programs, expos and other events through the diabetes organisation in your local state or territory:

If you have any questions please call the NDSS Helpline on 1300 136 588 or email . The NDSS Helpline is open 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to noon on Saturdays and public holidays.

Where can you get NDSS products?

Now that you have your NDSS registration number you can get subsidised NDSS products through your NDSS Access Point. Most pharmacies are NDSS Access Points.

To find one near you, visit the NDSS Online Service Directory or call the NDSS Helpline on 1300 136 588.